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Shortcut for Dictating to an Obsidian Note

December 12, 2022

Add to Voice Notes

This is a MacOS/iOS shortcut that allows users to quickly dictate notes that are transcribed and added to Obsidian, a note-taking app. The shortcut includes the following steps:

  1. Dictate a text note and transcribe the user’s voice.
  2. Get the current location to provide context for the note.
  3. Use the current time, location, and dictated text to create a concatenated text string.
  4. Use Obsidian’s URI features to add the note programmatically, appending it to a “Voice Notes” note if one already exists or creating a new “Voice Notes” note if one does not already exist.
    obsidian://new?vault=YOURVAULTNAME&file=Voice Notes&content=Text&append
  5. Open the URL to send the note to Obsidian.
  6. Add the shortcut as a widget on the user’s phone for easy access.

Add the shortcut as a widget on your phone to be able to dictate to Obsidian in one click.

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