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Rails Template

September 13, 2023

Starting a Rails project involves several configuration steps before diving into the main development. While these steps are crucial, they can be time-consuming. To address this, I created the Rails Template, which serves as a starting point for new Rails projects.

About the Rails Template

The Rails Template is a straightforward Rails application template with a selection of tools and configurations that many developers use in their projects.

The template includes:

Using the Template

To use the template, ensure Ruby (3.0.0) and Rails (7.0.0) are installed. Then, initiate a new Rails project with the template by running:

rails new my_new_project -d postgresql --skip-turbolinks --skip-test -j esbuild --css tailwind -m ./rails_template.rb

Final Thoughts

I built this Rails Template out of a need to simplify the initialization of new projects. If you often work with Rails, you might find this template helpful in streamlining your setup process. As always, I’m open to feedback and suggestions, so feel free to check out the repository and share your thoughts.

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